Originality Verification

Verify Originality Today!

Capture more than just words
Our Originality Verification captures symbols, images and characters

Identifies False Quotations
Quotes incorrectly placed around sections of text will be identified as suspicious

Source Link Identification
We provide the link and pop up to the identified source document

Similarity Score
A point structure identifies text similarity to outside sources vs. original content

Color Coded Originality report
Suspicious text is highlighted for easy identification and review


1.) How do I access Proctorio’s Originality Verification product for my courses?

Proctorio’s Originality Verification product lives within the Canvas LMS. No need for third-party installations or add-ons.

2.) How do I turn on Proctorio’s Originality Verification software?

Proctorio has made it extremely simple to enable with just 1-Click within the Canvas LMS. No additional steps are needed and your students can upload their documents directly into Canvas.

3.) How do I know if a student’s paper is considered highly suspicious/similar to other work or if it’s mainly original content?

Proctorio’s software provides a Similarity Score within the Speed Grader. The tool measures originality violations detected within the document. The higher the similarity of the content to external sources, the higher the Similarity Score will register on a scale of 0 – 100.

4.) Do you store or sell our student’s work, similar to other companies?

No. All original documents provided by the students, within the Canvas LMS, are the property of your institution.

5.) What if my student tries to convert text to images or uses a scanned version of the paper to circumvent text-based detection?

One key feature that sets Proctorio’s Originality Verification apart from others is the ability to scan images into text for any type of document. Unlike other software, our program recognizes an image and highlights it as suspicious for review.

6.) What if my student uses a Latin letter or a symbol in place of English letters to cover up misuse or unoriginal work?

Proctorio has the only solution on the market that not only scans words and images but can capture & highlight any suspicious symbols or characters used (i.e. Latin character substitution detected).

7.) How do I distinguish which parts of the submitted document are flagged as suspicious vs. the student’s original work?

Proctorio provides a Color Coded Originality Report which highlights suspicious content for quick review.

8.) How do I know why a particular sentence or paragraph was flagged as suspicious?

For easy reference, Proctorio will display an original source pop-up when selecting the identified suspicious material.

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