Proctorio + McGraw Hill

Two Peas in a Pod

Coming in August 2020 to a device near you, McGraw Hill Connect® is collaborating with Proctorio to offer remote proctoring on all of their online assessments directly through the Connect platform. This integration includes both live and fully-automated options to enable customizable, secure exam and ID verification settings for each and every Connect® exam.

Proctorio’s services offer existing McGraw Hill Connect® users cost-effective and scalable solutions that protect the value of their online learning programs and help institutions grow their online education programs.


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Easy Integration

Custom integration between Connect®, Proctorio, and your institution’s preferred LMS.


Utilizes zero-knowledge encryption, so no one, including Proctorio, can access exam-related data except for the instructor and/or approved individuals at the institution.


The Gradebook provides behavior indicators and ranks students based on the number of flagged behaviors. This allows faculty to pinpoint where questionable activity occurred.

Limitlessly Scalable

No scheduling. No registering. No maximum proctoring sessions.


Utilizes Connect® login to enter an exam and never requires additional personally identifiable information or a separate Proctorio account creation.


Built-in 24/7/365 live support via chat, email, and phone for instructors, administrators, and students.

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