Proctorio + Microsoft Azure

Couple Goals:

Proctorio + Azure

Some things are just born to be together; like chocolate chip cookies and cold milk or Proctorio and Microsoft Azure.

Proctorio utilizes Microsoft Azure data centers to secure exam-related data around the world. No matter where the test taker is located or where an online exam was created, all exam data is stored securely in data centers that are located near the given partner institution. No exceptions.

The Where:

Microsoft Azure covers more regions globally than any other cloud service provider and offers comprehensive compliance to local privacy and data security laws and regulations. Microsoft Azure data centers are located in 140 countries and service over 60 regions throughout the world. Proctorio utilizes some of these data centers to bring exams closer to test takers no matter where they are located in the globe.

Check out the full list of regions that Microsoft Azure covers.

The How:

All exam-related data is secured with zero-knowledge encryption when stored within these data centers. This allows no one outside of approved institution faculty and administrators, including us at Proctorio, to have access to the exam-related data.

All Microsoft Azure data centers are equipped with industry-leading physical security measures and a digital failover system, so that users don’t experience interruptions or data losses in the event that a data center goes dark. In this event, all data is transferred to the nearest located data center automatically.

The Why:

Data security should be reliable, effective, and powerful. Now it is with Proctorio and Microsoft Azure.

Because at the end of the day, there is one simple goal: protect test takers’ data and simultaneously uphold academic integrity. So even in these dark times, test takers can rightfully and safely earn their degrees and certifications.

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