The Threat to
Academic Integrity

With our education system becoming more competitive and causing more stress among students, even the most honest students find themselves in ethical dilemmas. 

What are the implications of this Threat to Academic Integrity?


This report examines:

  • The pressures that put academic integrity in jeopardy.
  • The risks of not managing academic integrity at an institutional level.
  • Myths and misconceptions about academic integrity.
  • Strategies for fostering and protecting academic integrity.
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The threats to academic integrity are not what you might think

70% 1

Percentage of undergraduates who admit to having cheated on exams or writing assignments.

95% 1

Percentage of high school students who admit to participating in cheating in some form, either on a test, a writing assignment, or homework.

8x 2

Reports of student cheating at more than a dozen large public universities were as much as eight times higher for international students as they were for domestic students.

  1. Statistics Overview,” International Center for Academic Integrity, 2018.
  2. Foreign Students Seen Cheating More Than Domestic Ones,” Wall Street Journal, 2016.

“The mission at the heart of higher education is at risk.”

Learn a new Approach to Fostering Academic Integrity